Online meeting on crimes motivated by prejudice

Welcome Point would like to invite all students to an online meeting on crimes motivated by prejudice, which will be led by the Association for Legal Intervention.

Programme of the meeting:

  1. Presentation (approx. 45 min)
  • what kinds of behaviour are bias crimes
  • when is the Police obliged to act?
  • I fell victim to a crime – and what next?
  • my rights and obligations as a victim
  1. Practical exercise on descriptions of specific behaviors: is this a crime? (20 min)
    3. Questions from participants (25 min)

The meeting will be held on 17th November at 1.30 pm.

To participate, please register here.

Application deadline: 12th November 2020

More information can be found on the WP’s website or on Facebook event.

Data publikacji: 09 listopada 2020