CENTRAL: Blended Intensive Programme for PhD Students

BIP for PhD. Students – Call for proposals  – “Central Europe: What unites and divides us” 21-25 November 22

I. General information

The CENTRAL Network primarily promotes cooperation in the fields of teaching, research and support for young researchers. In connection with the opening of the second stage of the cooperation, CENTRAL announces a special topic followed by further activities. Each of these topics has had wider social or political importance, especially within the context of Central Europe. The goal for academics or PhD. students from different countries, backgrounds and areas of study is to come up with multilateral ideas and solutions. The theme is “Central Europe: What unites and divides us”. The purpose of the meeting is to connect senior academics with Pd.D. students and together try to discuss the problems of Central Europe – specifically what unites or divides us. The whole event will be divided into six sessions led by selected academics. They will start with a lecture on the topic. This will be followed by a workshop in which each student will have to give a paper of about 15 minutes, followed by a debate moderated by the selected academic.

The CENTRAL BIP for PhD. students aims to bring PhD. students and selected senior academics from the CENTRAL member universities together. A virtual meeting of all participants will take place approximately two weeks before the workshop. The content will include a lecture by a leading academic on the topic of Central Europe. It will be an overall reflection on Central Europe, which should still inspire students for further discussions in their personal encounters. At the end of the lecture, the topic can be further developed in the discussion and students can clarify the main ideas for their presentation.

The main workload for students will be preparing a 15 minute paper to present in a face-to-face session. At the same time, they will have to answer questions that will arise from the debate of all present at the event under the guidance of the academic. As this will be a general question on the development, history and present of Central Europe, the student should have the knowledge and competence to place their paper in a more general context. The quality of presentations and active participation during the debate will also be evaluated. The evaluation will be carried out by the participating academics.


II. Date / Venue

BIP – virtual November, 2022 (tbc)
BIP – physical November 21 – 25, 2022
  Charles University, Prague


III. Topics based on the given topic

Virtual component
Series of lectures
Additional program


IV. Financing under the Erasmus+ rules

  • travel and accommodation expenses: will be covered by the sending institution (Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme)
  • catering and rental expenses for seminar room, additional program, remuneration to CU employees and foreign lecturers: will be covered by hosting institutions


V. Application

Application forms have to be submitted before the deadline via e-mail directly to klementyna.kielak@adm.uw.edu.pl 

Deadline: October 8th, 2022 (20.00)


VI. Evaluation procedure

A selection committee at each university will select 5-6 PhD. students.

The assessment of applications will involve:

  • Selection based on abstracts on the given topic
  • Description of the planned activity and contribution


VII. Programme:











9,00 – 10,30 Arrival


Lecture and discussion Lecture and discussion Lecture and discussion  


Cofee break CU CU CU
11,00  – 12,30 Welcome and Introducing CENTRAL Student Workshops I Student Workshops III Student Workshops V Clossing remarks
14,00 – 16,00 Tour of the university Student Workshops II Student Workshops IV Visit of selected faculties Departure
Additional Programme Welcome dinner   Tour of Prague (Central Europe and Prague) Farewell informal dinner  


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