Rules for organising and settling of foreign business travel for persons not being UW employees, students and doctoral students

Instruction on the detailed rules regulating abroad travel of staff, doctoral students and students of the University of Warsaw and the accounting procedure for them, which constitutes an appendix to the Ordinance No. 28 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 25 July 2011, provides for the possibility of organising and settling trips of persons who are not employees, students or doctoral students of the University of Warsaw. In this situation, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the travelling person, using a dedicated template.

Regardless of the above agreement, the participation of such persons in the tasks of the University of Warsaw takes place on the basis of a civil-law agreement regulating the scope of work performed and the amount of remuneration.

An alternative solution is to add to the civil-law agreements concluded with these persons the obligation of the UW to cover the costs of the trip – the content of §1, §2 and §3 from the template agreement.

There is no provision for the payment of an advance for persons from outside the University.