Course Registration

Every incoming student has to be registered for all his/her courses in the study support system USOSweb. (Please note that USOSweb works best when using the Firefox web browser). There are two kinds of registrations: registration for courses connected with the study programme and registration for additional university offer (e.g. sports, foreign languages, general university courses), the so called Token Registration.

In order to register for any course the student needs to have an account in the USOSweb. The account information is provided by the International Relations Office (IRO) before the start of the semester. A detailed information on the registration procedure at each faculty will be provided by the International Relations Office prior to the start of the academic year.

Registration for courses at the faculties is done through the on-line registration system at USOSweb or via the departmental mobility coordinators.

Registration for Polish language courses, other foreign language courses and sport courses is done through the Token Registration Service. Most incoming students receive tokens for registration to one Polish language class at the Polonicum Centre, one foreign language class and one sports class. S/he also receives 300 tokens for registration to general university courses and 180 tokens for lectures in Polish culture and history at the Polonicum centre. In case a student registers herself/himself for more classes s/he will have to pay the fee as stated on the course website.

The registration is divided into rounds. The exact schedule is provided by the IRO together with the account information. The number of places is limited – if a group is fully booked it will not be possible to register.  Some groups are “dedicated” – that means they are reserved for a defined group of students.

Registration (and un-registration) is possible only within the registration period: changes at a later time will not be possible. Every course that a student is registered for will be visible on the final Transcript of Records. In case of failure/dropping the course without unregistering from it a grade 2(F = failed) will automatically be assigned.

All courses a student registered for in usosweb have to be linked with the student’s study program in order to get recognised and be included in final Transcript of Records

The list of all the courses offered at the University of Warsaw