University Dormitories

Short-term students are offered accommodation at University dormitories:

  • DS1 “Muchomorek”,
  • DS2 “Żwirek”,
  • DS3 “Kic”,
  • DS4 “Zamenhof”,
  • DS5 “Smyczkowa”,
  • DS6 “Radomska”;

and two University guest houses: Hera and Sokrates.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to indicate the preferred dormitory or guest house.

Rooms available

The offered places are mostly in double rooms (to be shared with one other student) with a very limited number of single rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are to be shared with other students. Monthly rent is between 400 and 600 PLN (100 – 150 EUR), depending on the dormitory. Priority for single rooms is given to PhD students.

Data publikacji: 09 czerwca 2020