Update on the situation at the University of Warsaw, 23.10.2020

  1. Coronavirus – New Restrictions 

Starting from Saturday entire Poland will be in the red zone. Below you can see the most important restrictions: 



  1. Performances of University of Warsaw artists are now available online .


  2. A message from Mrs Lilianna Nalewajska from the University of Warsaw Library 

Dear Students,
I am a librarian of the University of Warsaw Library and probably some of you already met me online during the library training. In the library we are working on a project: BUWconnect – improving the channel of communication between the library and information system of UW and a foreign user. One of the tasks is to learn your opinions, your needs and comments on an academic library’s work. I am looking for volunteers among you who are willing to spare some little amount of time to meet me online and to fill in a questionnaire. It would be perfect if I could meet some of you by the end of October and once again in December or January before you leave. But a one-time response will also be useful for me. To thank you for your time and to appreciate your help I will be happy to offer you some small gifts. I will not be asking any personal data, everything is anonymous. If any of you is ready, please contact me immediately: l.nalewajska@uw.edu.pl  so we can arrange some actions very soon. 
Thank you and I hope to meet you soon.
Lilianna Nalewajska 


Data publikacji: 23 października 2020