Welcome Point invites UW students to join a “Safety meeting for UW Students”.

During the meeting, the following topics will be covered:

  • whom you can ask for help in dangerous situation
  • what the powers of Police and City Guards are
  • how to avoid becoming a victim
  • what is forbidden to do and for what behaviour you can get a ticket
  • more about public transport and taxi
  • how to behave in case of a terrorist attack threat
  • what the most dangerous places in the city are

and many more issues

The training takes place on 13th December, 1 pm, on Faculty of Modern Languages.

To sign up click the link below: registration link.

The deadline to fill in this declaration is this Sunday 11st December, at 11 pm (We strongly suggest to do it now).

In case of any doubts, please e-mail us: welcome.event@uw.edu.pl

Data publikacji: 07 grudnia 2022