How to apply for University accommodation?

STEP 1: While filling the online application in the Accommodation section answer YES to the question Are you interested in applying for a place in a University dormitory?

STEP 2: Wait for an email from the IRO regarding  accommodation. At least 6 weeks before the start of the semester you will receive information on whether you have been assigned a place in one of the dormitories.

STEP 3: Confirm the assigned place.

University Dormitories

Short-term students are offered accommodation at University dormitories:

  • DS1 “Muchomorek”,
  • DS2 “Żwirek”,
  • DS3 “Kic”,
  • DS4 “Zamenhof”,
  • DS5 “Smyczkowa”,
  • DS6 “Radomska”;

and two University guest houses: Hera and Sokrates.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to indicate the preferred dormitory or guest house.

Rooms available

The offered places are mostly in double rooms (to be shared with one other student) with a very limited number of single rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are to be shared with other students. Monthly rent is between 400 and 600 PLN (100 – 150 EUR), depending on the dormitory. Priority for single rooms is given to PhD students.

Resigning from the offered accommodation

Always inform the IRO if you want to resign from the University accommodation – both before and after the place is assigned. If you wish to give up a place which you have already confirmed inform the IRO about your decision as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that once you resign from the University accommodation you cannot apply again. Resigning from a place without informing the IRO may result in additional charges.

Regulations of Student Dormitories​ 

Check-in information

During the check-in you will need:

  • ID card/Passport
  • two photos
  • deposit payable in cash

The deposit should be paid upon checking-in (in cash, up to 1200 PLN) and will be given back at the end of your stay (if no damage was done).

If you are planning to arrive after the administration working hours or during the weekend please contact the administration of the assigned dormitory to inform them about your estimated time of arrival.

Not moving-in to the assigned dormitory within 5 workdays after the declared starting day will result in the cancellation of the accommodation offer.

How to find accommodation in Warsaw?

While looking for accommodation you can browse through the accommodation platform of the Students’ Union, or ESN UW accommodation

Every student staying in a private flat should sign a Tenancy Agreement with the owner of the flat. Please be cautious. It is not recommended to pay before signing a Tenancy Agreement and/or seeing the flat.