Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / Offer for Students / Free Online 4EU+ Courses
07 sierpnia 2023


We are pleased to offer you a new opportunity within 4EU+ for Ukraine Project financed by Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) – Free Online 4EU+ Courses:


Who can take the courses?

Every member of the university community. Participants have to register on the platform:


What do we offer?

Reimburse the cost of the certificate that the participant can obtain after completing the course and passing the test.

Obtaining a certificate is not mandatory. Members of the community of partner universities can take a course and gain new knowledge on a specific topic without obtaining a certificate. However, if they are interested in earning a career certificate, we can refund its cost for 10 participants from each Partner University.

The cost of the certificate is 49 USD.


What are the conditions for joining the offer?

Every member of the university community who want to obtain a certificate and get a refund for it is asked to register via the link, which will be available on August 7 on the 4EU+ for Ukraine website.

Registration will be open from August 7 to August 21. Registration form

Qualification procedure

The order of applications decides.

Priority will be given to student applications.

Participants to whom we will be able to refund the cost of the certificate will receive an e-mail with the appropriate information by the end of August 2023.


How can you get a refund?

Participant must complete the course, pass the test, pay for the certificate and send us a confirmation of payment along with a copy of the certificate by the end of October 2023.

Each course is self-paced and lasts about 3 weeks.




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Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / Offer for Students / 4EU+ Tomorrow’s Research and Science Innovation in student start-ups
02 sierpnia 2023


We are pleased to announce next initiative within the project 4EU+ for Ukraine financed  by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange –  4EU+ Tomorrow’s Research and Science Innovation in student start-upsthe two-day seminar with workshops in Geneva, October 9-10, 2023.

During the event, students will have the opportunity to:

  • learn how to develop an original start-up idea,
  • connect with an international community and engage with a diverse community of students, entrepreneurs, and innovators from the 4EU+ Alliance universities,
  • build connections, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations,
  • explore innovation hubs and accelerators and learn how they support start-up ideas within different universities,
  • hear from successful start-ups and get inspired by the stories, journeys and experiences of their founders.


1 student from each partner university will be selected and nominated.


Requirements for students:

  • level of study in the academic year 2023/2024 – master;
  • knowledge of the English language enabling active participation in classes – min. B2;
  • experience in developing new ideas and innovative solutions;
  • good academic performance;
  • interest in developing start-ups.


Required documents:

  1. scan of the student ID card;
  2. scan of a document confirming the average grade from the previous academic year;
  3. a certificate confirming the knowledge of the English language – min. B2 (attached Language Proficiency Form will be sufficient);
  4. CV in English, with a list of achievements, distinctions, awards, information on extracurricular and social activities;
  5. motivation statement in English, justifying participation in the workshop.


Selected candidates will undergo a telephone/online interview. The selection committee may ask candidates to provide additional documents.


Within the 4EU+ for Ukraine project participants will be provided with transport (bus/airline tickets) and accommodation with breakfast in Warsaw and Geneva. Approximate travel dates October, 7-8 – trip to Geneva, October, 10-11 – travel back to Ukraine (via Warsaw).


Application deadline August 24, 2023.



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Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / International Summer School Intercultural Communication in Diplomacy and Public Adminsitration at the University of Warsaw
01 sierpnia 2023

An International Summer School on Intercultural Communication in Diplomacy and Public Administration was organized at Warsaw University from June 29 to July 7, inviting students from Ukrainian universities cooperating with Warsaw University in the NAWA Project „4EU+ for Ukraine”. Each university could nominate 3 students.

The School’s program included classes on:

  • diplomatic protocol,
  • international relations in regional and global perspective,
  • international cultural and economic relations,
  • multiculturalism and intercultural communication.

During the eight days of classes, participants had the opportunity to visit lectures, take part in two debates, meetings with representatives of diplomatic missions, and participate in discussions and talks thematically related to international relations.

Completion of the course made it possible to obtain 4 ECTS.

Within the framework of the „4EU+ for Ukraine” Project, the participants of the Summer School from Ukrainian universities were provided with travel tickets (both ways), accommodation in a student house and catering during the classes (coffee breaks, lunches). They could also apply for reimbursement of the cost of travel by public transportation.

Summer school’s schedule


Post about the summer school on the website of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

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Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / 4EU+ Education Days at the University of Warsaw

4EU+ Education Days were held within the framework of the „Solidarity with Ukraine” 4EU+ for Ukraine project funded by NAWA on June 20-21, 2023.

During the event, participants took part in 3 sessions and one workshop:

1) Forum of good practices: skills and competencies in 4EU+,

2) How 4EU+ Alliance Universities Empower Teachers in Digital Teaching & Learning,

3) Joint study programs within the European Higher Education Area,

4) Introduction to the 4EU+ Quality Management System.

On the first day, the participants were also invited to a formal dinner, where they had the opportunity to meet the participants of the Erasmus Staff Week, organised at the same time at the University of Warsaw. The dinner’s main aim was to help share experiences, practices and make new contacts.

The joint project with the Ukrainian universities facilitates education and development actions under the 4EU+ strategy, such as:

  • flexible education pathways in language, intercultural, and IT areas,
  • accessible standards of the European Education Area,
  • stronger research and education potentials,
  • innovative solutions for participants, which go along with the modern approach.

4EU+ Education Days Programme

Post on the official website of the University of Warsaw (in Polish)


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Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / Results / Didactic Materials
31 lipca 2023


Coming Soon


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Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / Results / Workshops


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