Erasmus Mundus

The main objective of the Erasmus Mundus programme was to enhance the quality of European higher education and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with Third Countries.

The programme was implemented through three actions:

  • Action 1: joint master (Action 1 A) and doctoral (Action 1 B) studies;
  • Action 2: mobility projects between European and Third Country higher education institutions at all academic levels;
  • Action 3: projects to enhance the attractiveness of European higher education and its further internationalisation.

Since 2014, some of the Erasmus Mundus aims have been implemented through Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020), i.e. within the framework of the following projects:  International Credit Mobility with Partner Countries (ICM – KA107), Capacity building or Strategic Partnership. Universities which are planning to conduct joint study programmes may apply for a grant within the framework of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees.

Some of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects which were launched in the last year of functioning of the programme (2014) will still be operating until July 2018. It means that most of these projects are already closed for applications.

The University of Warsaw joined this prestigious EU programme in 2007. The statistics show that, among all Polish universities, UW has realised the biggest number of Erasmus Mundus projects (34) and is best experienced in their implementation:

1.UW participated as a partner university in 3 projects on joint master studies (in the framework of Action 1):

2. UW participated as a partner university in 28 Erasmus Mundus projects of Action 2. All the projects, coordinated by the International Relations Office (IRO), included countries of Eastern Partnership (WEBB), Russia (AURORA), Asia, including Central Asia (several projects altogether), South-Mediterranean region (JOSYLEEN, JOSYLEEM), Latin America (FellowMundus).

3. UW (IRO) has been a coordinator of four Action 2 projects: SALAM and SALAM 2 – Iran, Iraq, Yemen; SIGMA and SIGMA Agile – Western Balkans.

List of UW’s partner universities within Erasmus Mundus Action 2 projects

List of all EMA2 projects the UW has participated in