Ombudsman is an academic representative for students and staff related matters. He offers mediation and help in solving conflicts especially on the teacher-student line, but not only. If you noticed a problem in your academic community or you feel you have been treated unfairly, you can turn to Ombudsman for an assistance.

There is a range of counselling services at UW. The most important for you might be:

  • Akademicka Poradnia Prawna (University of Warsaw Law Clinic) is a student-run legal help centre that provides advice in the field of civil law, family and custody law, labour law, administrative law, university regulations and scholarships. It’s free of charge for all students, you just have to have an ELS (Electronic Student Card). You can also contact them on their Facebook Page, surely they will answer in English.
  • The Psychological Counselling Centre of the University of Warsaw provides confidential short-term counselling, crisis intervention services and evaluation of needs for academic support (eg. exam accommodations, additional leave of absence to achieve your academic opportunities) for all English-speaking students of the University of Warsaw. The help is also provided online.
  • We are all equal University of Warsaw cares very much about equal treatment and stands strongly against any form of discrimination. Decisive steps have been taken to counteract, prioritising education and providing various forms of help.

Data publikacji: 14 września 2020