Frequently Asked Questions


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What should I do to become a student of the University of Warsaw?

If you are interested in a full degree programme please follow the instructions provided by the Admissions Office.

If you wish to be an exchange student you have to be nominated by your home University. Then you will be asked to apply online.

Do I have to submit an online application?

Yes, all students are required to submit an online application online.

Do I have to send the original application documents by post?

Only students coming within the framework of the Visiting Students Programme are required to send the original University of Warsaw application form by post.

Are there any application deadlines?

If you wish to study at UW in the first semester or the whole academic year you must submit your application by May 15th. If you wish to come to UW for the second semester you must submit your application by November 15th.

Can I upload some documents after the application deadline?

No, it is not possible to upload any documents after submitting the application.

Where can I find the University of Warsaw course offer?

The University of Warsaw course offer is available in the ECTS Course Catalogue or by browsing through the Directory on USOSweb.

How many ECTS points can I obtain?

Every incoming student is allowed to take courses for up to 30 ECTS per semester (+10%)

How many courses can I take at the University of Warsaw?

Every incoming student is allowed to take courses for up to 30 ECTS per semester (+10%).

Every student has to take courses from his/her receiving unit. It is also possible to take courses offered by two other units.

Do I need to attend class or can I just take the exam?

In most courses attendance is obligatory and it is one of the requirements to pass the course. Usually students are allowed to have two unjustified absences (unless stated otherwise by the lecturer). Always check the course requirements at USOSweb.

What can I do if I don’t have an internationally recognized language certificate?

You can use the University of Warsaw Language Proficiency Form. The document has to be signed by a representative of your home University.

What are the language requirements for incoming short-term students?

All incoming students are required to have at least a B2 level of English or Polish. The only exception are students coming to study other languages (ex. a student of German studies is required to have a certificate proving his/her knowledge of German).

Native speakers of English/Polish can upload a first page of their national ID document or  a short self statement that they are native speakers of the given language.

Who should sign my Learning Agreement?

The Learning Agreemnt has to be first signed by the Student and his/her home University and then by the Erasmus / Mobility Coordinator of his receiving UW unit. A scan / copy of the document should be provided to the International Relations Office.

Where can I find the list of Erasmus / Mobility Coordinators?
When will I receive the Confirmation of Acceptance?

We will be able to send you a scan of your Confirmation as soon as you submit the online application and your receiving UW unit confirms your acceptance.

Can I move into the assigned dormitory just for a few weeks (while I look for accommodation)?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move into a dormitory for just a few weeks. A place is assigned for the whole duration of stay (one semester or whole academic year).

Will I be assigned a place in a different dormitory if I don’t like the place I was given?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move to a different dormitory. Once assigned place cannot be changed.

Can I choose a single room at the dormitory?

The number of single rooms is very limited. Priority is given to PhD students. Places in dormitories are assigned based on the order of receiving students’ applications.

How can I apply for a Mentor (a local student who can help me before and after arrival)?

The Mentor programme is organized by the Erasmus Student Network of the University of Warsaw. More information about the programme is available at