Solidarity with Ukraine – 4EU+ for Ukraine / Kick-off Meeting at the University of Warsaw

The Kick-off meeting of the “Solidarity with Ukraine. 4EU+ for Ukraine” project took place on April 5-6, 2023.

The first part of the visit was a discussion on two topics:

  • Forum of good practices: skills and competencies in 4EU+
  • How 4EU+ Alliance Universities Empower Teachers in Digital Teaching & Learning

Participants of the session reflected on the actions taken so far for the benefit of the Ukrainian academic community. The aim of the discussions was to find out which activities would help in developing digital skills of the future, using the examples of 4EU+ alliance.

The second part of the meeting was a session titled “Joint study programmes within European Higher Education Area”. The main aims of the session:

–  supporting academic cooperation between 4EU+ partners and Ukrainian universities,

– offering flexible educational paths,

– research and didactic capacity building,

– supporting academic mobility.

Part of the event was also a workshop on Design Thinking.

The inaugural meeting helped the participants get to know each other and discuss the main objectives of the program. It was a good start of the development of future cooperation.

Kick-Off Meeting Programme


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