Business travel abroad

How to arrange and settle a business travel abroad?  – rules for employees, students and doctoral candidates.

  1. Contact WhyNotTravel (WNT) Agency to request an offer and make a booking:
    1. It is recommended to contact WNT Agency by e-mail:
    2. If you need to contact the agency by phone, please use the WNT contact list for UW
    3. WNT Agency is obliged to provide an offer within 3 hours receiving the request.
    4. Once you have chosen your offer, you should request WNT to make a booking (for travel with regular airlines)
    5. Please check carefully your booking: details of the travelling person, route, date and the travel time, luggage, etc. You should also check the change and cancellation policy.
      1. Notice: Train/bus/ferry/low-cost airlines flights tickets are purchased immediately after sending an order to purchase a ticket or an order for a flight with a low-cost airline to the above-mentioned email address of the WNT Agency.
  2. Travel Application / beginning of a travel arrangement – please, fill in a Travel Application: See here how to fill a Travel Application
    1. Personal and contact details of the travelling person
    2. Details of the travel
    3. Source of funding
    4. Bank account number of the travelling person
  3. Acceptance of the Travel Application – the Application should be forwarded to the finance section of your unit for the approval:
    1. Confirmation of the source of funding
    2. Cost estimation
    3. Approval of the Travel Application by the Bursar’s proxy and the Head of the Unit
  1. Purchase of a ticket through WhyNotTravel Agency:
    1. Please fill in the correct ticket purchase order and send it to the WhyNotTravel Agency by email:
      1. Ticket purchase order
      2. Ticket purchase order with a low-cost airline
      3. See here how to fill a ticket purchase order – for placing an order, please use the Polish versions of the orders.
      4. Do not send to the WhyNotTravel Agency anything else except the actual purchase order by email.
    2. Once you have received your ticket, please check again the details of the traveller:
        1. Name / names
        2. Surname
        3. Itinerary
        4. Dates and times of travel
        5. Luggage included in the ticket price (if such an option was chosen).
    3. If you do not receive your ticket on the day the order was sent, please contact WNT Agency immediately.
    4. Payment for services shall be made only by a bank transfer, based on an invoice, within 30 days of receipt.
  1. Send the Travel application to the Foreign Trade Section of the UW Financial Department (Sekcja Obrotu Zagranicznego, Kwestura)
    1. by email:;
    2. Up-to-date rules for the service of visitors to the Financial Department are available on the website of the Financial Department.
    3. NOTICE! The advance payment can be made at the earliest 7 days before departure.
  2. Insurance – UW staff, students and doctoral students are required to have/purchase travel insurance. They can take advantage of the travel and stay abroad insurance offers for UW (medical expenses, accident insurance, third party liability). The agreement also allows buying insurance for companions not associated with UW.
    • How to buy insurance? Complete and send the application form to Ms Emilia Rzeszotek:, Phone No.: 22 55 23 345; Waiting time for the policy – up to 3 working days. Once you have received your insurance certificate, it is required to pay the fee by a bank transfer to the indicated bank account number. The payment must be made before the insurance cover period starts. The payment must be credited before the start of the travel.
  3. Departure – please note:
    1. Collect original invoices and receipts, which must be issued to: Uniwersytet Warszawski, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, NIP (VAT ID) PL525-001-12-66
    2. Note down the dates and times of crossing the Polish border (in case of crossing the border by land)
  4. Settlement of travel expenses upon return – the travelling person is obliged to settle the travel expenses within 14 days of his/her return. What should be done?
    1. Immediately contact the Foreign Trade Section of the UW Financial Department (Sekcja Obrotu Zagranicznego, Kwestura) by email:;
    2. Fill in a Travel expense receipt;
    3. Attach invoices and receipts, described and signed by the travelling person;
    4. Deliver original invoices and receipts to the Foreign Trade Section of the UW Financial Department;

Leave for employees – if necessary, an employee may request leave for study and/or teaching purposes – downloadable forms are available at the website of the Human Resources Office.

MFA Odysseus – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Polish citizens register in the Internet service „Odyseusz”. Registration is voluntary. In the event of an emergency abroad, the MFA will be able to contact the citizen, provide the necessary information and assistance through the competent diplomatic and consular post. The Internet service “Odyseusz” will also enable you to receive alerts on threats in the country you are travelling to and other consular information.