Additional study offer

Token Registration – summer semester 2022/2023

Apart from „regular” courses, each UW student is encouraged to take a look at our additional study offer. We give you tokens, with which you will be able to register for: 

  • one Polish Language Course, 
  • Polonicum lectures about Polish culture,
  • one Foreign Language Course (other than Polish)
  • one sports class
  • general university courses (code: ….…-OG) 

The registrations are done on the token registration website within the deadlines – check the round dates below. To log in on the website, use your USOSweb login, the same one that you received by email from the International Relations Office. You can check your tokens in the cart on the Token Registration website.

From January 23rd, 21:00, to March 14th, 23:59

I round, from January 30th, 21:00, to February 7th, 23:59
II round, from February 14th, 21:00, to February 18th, 23:59
III round, from February 23rd, 21:00, to February 26th, 23:59 (round limited to dedicated groups)

The rules of participating in sports classes are presented on the website of UW Physical Education and Sports Center. Please note that some Sports classes are paid. The fee is same for local as international students.

I round, from February 2nd, 21:00, to February 20th, 23:59
II round, from February 24th, 21:00, to February 28th, 23:59

From January 10th, 21:00, to March 2nd, 23:59

From January 10th, 21:00, to March 2nd, 23:59

More information can be found in Polonicum Guide.
Attendance is one of the requirements to pass courses. Usually you can miss one or two classes (depends on the course). Even if registration is open for a few weeks, you should start attending courses at the beginning.

IMPORTANT: the courses from additional study offer will appear on your Transcript of Records. You will obtain a grade and ECTS credits as well – please keep in mind that every student can choose courses  for up to 30 ECTS per semester.