Erasmus & Exchange students – DURING YOUR STAY



Confirmation of Arrival

Some Universities require the confirmation of arrival. The document to be filled out by the IRO is always provided by your home institution. It will be signed at the beginning of your studies at the University of Warsaw. If you are not sure whether your institution requires such a document, please contact the IRO/Erasmus Office at your home University.

Learning Agreement

Within the first month of your exchange you should prepare your Learning Agreement “During the mobility” (part 2). This part should include all the changes in your courses: Any courses you will not attend should be removed or replaced with those you have chosen to attend. The document should reflect your registrations. When your LA is ready, please contact your Mobility Coordinator directly. Once it is signed by all the parties, please provide us with a scan.

Remember that first you have to make changes in the registration and then sign the Learning Agreement. If you add or delete courses only in your Learning Agreement, it will not affect your registration!

Course Registration

Remember that you need to be registered for all the courses you are attending. Some units allow Erasmus & Exchange students to register by themselves, whereas at others you need to contact the Mobility Coordinator.

Important: Learning Agreement is not registration. If you want to add/delete a course, make sure to do the changes in your registration as well!

Electronic Student Card validity and extenstion

Every University of Warsaw student can apply for an Electronic Student Card (ELS). Check how you can benefit from having the card and how to apply here.

Validity and extension

Electronic Student Card is valid from the start of the semester. If you study at the University of Warsaw for two semesters, you will have to extend the validity of your ELS. At the beginning of the second semester, you will receive detailed information about the procedure.

Extension of Stay

Students coming for the first semester have the possibility of applying for an extension of stay for the second semester. In order to do so, they have to submit the Extension Form signed by the Mobility Coordinator of your receiving unit at UW and the coordinator at your home University.
The application deadline is November 30th.

Safety and Wellbeing

Studying at a new university in another country is a great opportunity but it can sometimes be a little challenging. Things may work not as smoothly as planned; different problems may occur.

We would like you to remember that the IRO UW Team and the University of Warsaw staff is there to assist with any difficulty, so feel free to contact us whenever you need support.

Safety and wellbeing