Erasmus & Exchange students – AT THE END OF YOUR STAY

Check out procedure at the International Relations Office

Confirmation of Stay

Visit the IRO at the end of your stay to get the Confirmation of Stay – a document confirming the dates of your studies at the University of Warsaw.

Some institutions have their own forms to be filled out by the IRO.

If you received such a form, please make sure to bring it printed to the IRO. Otherwise, we will provide you with a document generated from our system.

Please remember that we can confirm your stay only until the day you come to visit us at the IRO!

Anonymous questionnaire about your stay at the University of Warsaw

Shortly before the end of the semester you will receive a link to an anonymous questionnaire about your stay at the University of Warsaw.

Clearance Slip

During your visit to the IRO we will activate your Clearance Slip.
You will find it in the Common Section of the USOSweb.

Transcript of Records

Transcript of Records will be issued when you have all your grades in USOSweb. Please monitor your grades in USOSweb and inform your contact person at the IRO once the grades appear.

Before you get obtain the Transcript of records, you need to complete the previous steps: the Confirmation of stay, the Anonymous questionnaire and the Clearance Slip.

You don’t have to be in Warsaw to receive the document. We will provide you with a scan of your Transcript of Records as soon as it is ready.