Registration Rules

  1. Register for the courses
    Check how to register for courses at your receiving unit at the University of Warsaw: on-line or through the mobility coordinator. Remember that you have to be registered in USOSweb for all the courses you attend.
  2. Registration deadline
    Check the registration deadline for the courses you want to attend. At most of the units it is possible to register for courses only within the first few weeks of the semester. Remember that other students may wish to join the same class, so do not wait till the end of the registration period, as places may already be taken.
  3. No places available on the course
    If the course you want to attend is full (there are no places available), please contact the Mobility Coordinator at the unit offering the course(s) in question.
  4. Unregistering from a course
    Once the registration period is closed, you will not be able to unregister from a course. It will stay on your account in USOSweb even if you do not attend it. At the end you will get a statutory fail grade for this class.
    Please remember that deleting a course in your Learning Agreement does not mean that you will be automatically unregistered form the course in USOSweb!
  5. Resign from passing a course – optional
    Every UW student is allowed to give up passing ONE course during his/her studies at UW. This can be done in USOSweb, under the STUDENT’S SECTION > Linkage> Resign.The option is available within the deadline set in the academic calendar. You will not obtain any grade from the course and it will not be included in the Transcript of Records.
  6. Courses should not overlap
    Classes are conducted live and attendance is obligatory at most of the courses – only two absences per semester are allowed. It will not be possible to participate in two or more courses held at the same time. Make sure you no courses are overlapping in your timetable.

The maximum number of ECTS points per semester is 30.
In justified cases it is possible to apply for additional ECTS points. If you need to exceed the 33 ECTS limit, please contact the IRO.

Advice regarding course selection

If you have any problems with course registration or need advice regarding course selection – please contact the Mobility Coordinator at the unit offering the course(s) in question.